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Electrical Service and Repair

At BAM Electric, we've got you covered with a full spectrum of electrical service and repair options tailored for both Port Perry residents and businesses. Our mission? To ensure every customer receives top-notch treatment, whether we're tackling a tiny fix or diving into a major electrical overhaul.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Keeping your home up to code and safe from electrical hazards requires an updated electrical panel. BAM Electric provides a variety of electrical panel installations, complete with arc and ground fault protection, courtesy of our skilled electricians, guaranteeing your peace of mind and the safety of your home.

Emergency Generators

Shield your home or business from blackout woes caused by severe weather or grid problems with a professionally installed emergency generator. Rest easy knowing our fully licensed and insured electricians in Port Perry can seamlessly connect your property to this essential backup power source.

Surveillance Systems (CCTV)

Security is a paramount concern for homes and businesses in Port Perry, and BAM Electric has you covered with professional-grade CCTV camera installations. Our cameras are tailored to withstand Canada's harsh climate, with concealed cabling for a sleek finish. With modern systems, you can conveniently monitor your property remotely from your cell phone, tablet, or desktop. Let BAM Electric craft a customized solution to fit your needs perfectly.


Useful devices that convert mechanical into electrical energy.

Home Inspections

Whether you've just bought a property, are gearing up to sell, or diving into extensive renovations, electrical home inspections are invaluable. BAM Electric offers comprehensive inspections using our exclusive 60-point checklist, ensuring every aspect of your property's electrical system is thoroughly assessed by a professional electrician, with a detailed report provided for your peace of mind.

Security Lighting

Automatic security lighting serves as both a means for your security cameras to capture activity and a deterrent to potential intruders. BAM Electric offers installation of professional-grade security lighting, enhancing the protection of your property against break-ins effortlessly.

Solar Panel

Increasingly popular way to generate electricity from the sun.


Certified in GENERAC Generators

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